Custom Boards

BaitMate Custom Boards are made to suit your fishing requirements.  Simply by adding rod holders, tanks and windows you can create your custom made board. Below are examples of how you can take a stock board and modify it.

Custom made board options: All our boards are easily modified. 

This board was customised with:
optional paint colour $40.00
additional three tackle boxes located under cutting board  $75
Modification price: $POA

Board includes  Pull out tray/tank, six tackle Trays, rear knife and drink storage, four rod holders, removable cutting board. 
Modification Price: POA

TTWM850PM   Board includes tank with window, size tackle drawers, eight rod holders, towel holders, water dispenser, rear knife and drink holders, easy access to the tank
TDM600RM  POA  Board includes four tackle drawers, two drawers,  large cutting board area. four rod holders, rear knife and drink holders
TTD500SK  POA     Board includes 35L tank, drawer, three rod holders, rear drink and knife holders
FULL CUSTOM POA.  Board includes four drawers, four rod holders, special mounting plate, rear knife storage, rear drink holders.
TDM800RM - POA.  Board includes three drawers, four rod holders, rear knife and drink storage, two shelves for storage, four rod holders
TD00PM  (WITH EXTRA DRAWERS) - POA.  Board includes two large drawers, two small drawers, size rod holders and is angled. 
TTWDT800RM - POA.  Board includes: large tank with window, six rod holders, light bracket, four tackle boxes, one deep drawer, rear knife storage, drainage hole.  
TTDM800  - POA.  Board includes: large tank, two drawers, two tackle drawers, four rod holders, rear knife holders, rear drink holders.
POA.  Board comes with six tackle drawers, six rod holders, two drawers, rear knife and drink holders,  rear drainage.
TTWMD800PM - POA.  Board comes with three tackle trays, two large drawers, six rod holders, light bracket, 33L tank and window.
TTWD800RM  POA.  Board comes with two drain holes (both sides) located t the rear of the board.  Two large drawers, large tank and window, two rod holders, two knife holders, two small drawers and is fully removable.