BAITMATE BAIT BOARDS Australia's No. 1 Fabricator of Custom Made Baitboards

Baitmate Baitboards specialise in custom Baitboards that are modified to fit your fishing requirements

BaitMate bait boards have a wide range of extras for the customisation of your board.  Our boards can be modified with the addition of rod holders, tanks, windows and trays.

The tackle range include a variety of our standard boards with the smart inclusion of shelving, trays or drawers.

The tank range includes a variety of our standard boards with the inclusion of a bait tank with or without the option of windows.

Our boards are easily installed via the use of rod holders or bolted directly to the board via the permanent mount models.

Tackle Shelf custom board

BaitMate will work with you on that special board customised to fit with your boating/fishing requirements.


BaitMate have a range of extras available for addition to your board.


BaitMate ® Baitboards specialises in custom made baitboards that can be easily customised to suit your boat.BaitMate ® Baitboards have a wide range of extras available which can be easily added to customise your board.  Our boards can be easily mounted by the fitting of rod holders the use of mounting brackets or in the case of the permanent mounts can be bolted directly to the boat.

Baitmate ® Baitboards use industrial quality heavy duty polyethylene for their cutting boards which are impervious of germs and bacteria.

Our boards are made from 5005 alloy which has the same corrosion resistance as marine grade alloy.  But gives us the ability to fold in a way marine grade alloy doesn’t allow and is more suited to our custom style baitboards.Our bait boards have a strengthening edge across the front of the board which holds the cutting board in place but is easily removed for cleaning. No pop rivets needed to hold the boards in place so as to avoid corrosion and build-up of unwanted items around the cutting surface.

Baitmate ® Baitboards avoids the use of pop rivets and bungee straps by the use of cleverly placed velcro tags under the board. The tags hold our trays in place whilst not in use, this method avoids corrosion around the rivets.

BaitMate ® Baitboards have been designed for ultimate strength. The base of the permanent mount leg have a 5mm plate welded internally to create a super 7.5mm strong mount which other brands don’t.  BaitMate ® Baitboards are designed to look great from all sides. That is why we take the time to sand and polish all our welds. We place panels to the rear of the board which adds to the appearance and prevents moisture accessing the rear of the tray.

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